Kristen's Recipes


Title:   Banana Pecan Ice Cream Pie *****
Category:   Dessert - Clean (Only natural/organic ingredients), Vegetarian
8 oz. pecan pieces
8 seeded dates
2 t pure vanilla extract
5 c frozen bananas- sliced
2 t pure vanilla extract
Honey to taste- optional
Directions:   In a food processor, process the crust ingredients. They are processed enough when they begin to clump together inside the processor. Press the crust into a standard-sized pie tin with your fingers and store the crust in the freezer while you make the filling.

Put your slightly thawed bananas through the food processor with a little milk. Using a fork, beat in the vanilla extract. Fill your pie crust and smooth out the top by using a spatula. Freeze for at least 2 hours. Cut and serve.
Makes:   16 servings