Kristen's Recipes


Title:   Slime
Category:   Non-Food
From:   Living on a Dime
1/2 c white glue
6 T water
Food coloring
1 to 4 t borax
1 to 4 T water
Directions:   Mix the glue, 6 T water and food coloring until the glue is dissolved. In a separate bowl, dissolve 1 t borax into 1 T water. Add to the glue solution. You will get a very thick clump of slime when the two mix. Pull the clump of slime out of the glue mixture and put it in a separate bowl. Mix another batch of the borax solution and add to the remaining glue mixture. Repeat until all the glue mixture is used (about 3 to 4 times). With clean hands, knead the slime to get it to mix. This will take about 10 minutes and is not very difficult as the slime easily separates between your fingers. If you desire a looser, more slimy texture, knead in a bit more water. The slime doesn't leave a residue and doesn't get stuck on anything. Store in an airtight container.